About Isufitaly


ISUFitaly has the main goal of carrying out activities related to theoretical and design research that have as their object the formation and transformation of the city and the territory.

In this general context, the association promotes, in particular, activities related to the study of Urban Morphology related to the architectural and urban project.

The association performs the following activities:

  1. a) organization of conferences and lectures with the aim of promoting exchange between the disciplines concerned;
  2. b) collaboration with public bodies and institutions to provide studies, regulations, operational projects aimed at the scientific study of the architectural heritage at different scales (reading) and its transformation consistent with the forming process (design);
  3. c) development of relationships with other organizations and associations that deal with the built environment;
  4. d) organization of conferences, seminars and design workshops;
  5. e) publications on the topic of Urban Morphology and web dissemination.