ISUFitaly is a scientific society founded in 2007 as the Italian section of the International Seminar on Urban Form (Isuf international)
The problem of forming ISUF local networks was posed at the Newcastle conference in 2004. In 2006 the topic was discussed in Stockholm from a practical point of view.
There was an approval in principle and two months later the Newcastle conference, in a meeting in Artimino, some architectural and urban design professors began to propose the first of the ISUF local associations. The month later they met in Florence to create the Italian scientific association (Isuf Italia).
Isuf Italia was a small group of researchers and professors mostly interested in the city forming process and building types. They proposed that the main goal of the association would be to promote and develop the study of Urban Morphology in Italy, to encourage research, collaborate with local authorities and provide contacts between members through organizing conferences, meetings, also developing links with other networks.
The year after, on 2007, a conference devoted to the foundation of Isuf italia was organized in the “Casa dell’Architettura” (House of Architecture) in Rome.
The conference was held in two days. The first one was devoted to one of the most discussed problems about housing in Rome, the Corviale intervention.
The day after the foundation meeting of ISUF Italia was held, discussing with a small group of researchers, professors and professionals the goals and structure of the new association. Isuf Italia is officially registered in 2014 with the name of ISUFItaly.
Within university facilities ISUFitaly organized series of lectures, workshops, conferences devoted to the relations between Urban Morphology and design in their different aspects.
An international Isuf conference was also organized by ISUFitaly in Rome in 2015 with the title of City as Organism.
In February 2017, the third Italian Isuf conference was organized (Learning from Rome). The title indicates the organizing group own ideas: the designer goal is to read “urban rules” inside the city and to continue them to produce contemporary architecture, never imitating the past but at the same knowing that we are “continuing” the existing city.
On September 2018 the fourth ISUFitaly conference was held in Bari with the title Reading Built Space.
In February 2020 the fifth ISUFitaly conference will be held in Rome with the title Urban Substata and City Regeneration