Urban Morphology Course – Sapienza – Faculty of Architecture 2022-2023 – Prof. Paolo Carlotti with collaboration prof. Marco Maretto

11_OCTOBER 2022_h:14:30_18:30

The Human settlements as cultural forms by prof. Pierre Gauthier

Neighbourhoods: between architecture and society by prof. Marco Maretto

18th October 2022_h:14:30_18:30

Survey and Interpreting Urban Form by prof. Alessandro Merlo

25th October 2022_h:14:30_18:30

Urban Morphological Analysis and Quantification by prof. Wowo Ding

New approach to Urban Form:From ancient to contemporary city by prof. Federica Visconti

08 th November 2022_h:14:30_18:30

Space Syntax: theory and principles by phd dr Ilaria Geddes

New tools in Uraban Analysis: Towards a “flows Morphology” by prof. Marco Maretto

15th November 2022_h:14:30_18:30

Geographical analysis of the forms of french urbanization through computer aided methods by phd dr. Giovanni Fusco

What do we know about urban form? by prof. Vitor Oliveira

22nd November 2022_h:14:30_18:30

Cities that has built from the ground by proff. Carlos Coelho and Sergio Padrao Fernandes

What Urban Morphology should be for architects? by prof. Giuseppe Strappa

06th December 2022_h: 15:00_17:00

(In) Significance of the urban morphology Vs (sustenible) urban form design by prof. Matteo Ieva