Isuf Italy 2015

ISUF 2015 – XXII International Conference.
City as organism: new visions for urban life.

22-26 September 2015

Conceptions of the city have changed significantly in recent years. The character of major infrastructural, residential, commercial and manufacturing developments suggests that current challenges may be a great deal more than a blip in the course of history.
Some would argue that the dialectic between the desire to restore the organicity of urban form and the incoherent reality of the actual city is at the core of some of the finest projects and plans that have been developed. Is this a line of thought that is practicable in urban morphological research and practice? Or should we accept the incoherence of cities as amalgams of fragments? A central theme of the Conference is the ‘reading’ of existing cities in the light of a possible new organicity, comparing viewpoints from different disciplines; from architecture to history and from geography to urban planning.
Discussions will deal with a variety of scales, from the territorial to the urban, and from the entire city and constellations of cities to the scale of the individual building.

The Twenty-Second International Seminar on Urban Form (ISUF 2015), hosted in Rome by the Faculty of Architecture of ‘Sapienza’ University, will take place in Valle Giulia, via Antonio Gramsci 53, 00197, Rome, Italy, from 22 to 26 September 2015.
The theme of the conference is ‘City as organism: new visions for urban life’.
Scales and topics to be covered include:

Territorial scale
New and historical landscapes
Infrastructural networks
Territorial geography

Urban organism scale
Urban growth and fringe belts
Contemporary design for historical cities
Urban aesthetics and new tendencies in urban design

Urban fabric scale
Urban morphology and urban regeneration
Reading and designing urban fabric
Urban form and meaning
Urban knots

Building scale
New design methodologies
Architectural heritage preservation methods
Modern legacies
Modern constructions and Mediterranean identity

Programme Isuf Italy Conference 2015